Backlinks – What, Why and How?

Seasoned internet marketers maybe well versed in backlinking but what about internet newbies who don’t even know what backlinks are, let alone how to generate them? This article sets out what backlinks are, why you should have backlinks and how you can go about acquiring them. 구글광고대행

A backlink is a link from an external website which links back to your own website. The reason backlinks are so powerful is because they increase your website’s page ranking at the mighty Google and other search engines (and a higher page ranking = more traffic = more $$$).

Gone are the days when you could simply put reciprocal links in place to increase your page ranking. Whilst link sharing does still carry some weight in terms of improving your rank (although it depends on the status of the site linking to yours), search engines place greater value on natural inbound, (ie one-way) links, so this is ideally what you should try to achieve.

There are a number of ways to help you create backlinks – for free as well as through paid, link building services. Listed below are some of the free methods you can employ to generate good backlinks:

Article marketing

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories will generate backlinks if you include your website URL within the author description box at the end of the article. Here you can add two links to your website: your website URL (written as http:// so it’s clickable) and an “anchor text link” to another relevant page of your website (NB. more than one hyperlink on the same page to the same source won’t help as only the first link pointing to a site works). As well as increasing your backlinks, article marketing has the dual benefit of positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen field, thereby increasing your brand and overall exposure online.

Submit your web address to online directories

Submit your website address to online directories. When you’re starting out you might wish to do this manually yourself, however it is a laborious and very time consuming process so it is advisable to outsource this. Search engines favour directories which have a high page ranking as well as relevancy to your chosen niche – and the more niche these directories can be, the better, for the obvious reason that it will generate better quality visitors to your website.


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